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Ceramic Shampoo is the safest and best way to add protection when washing your ceramic coated vehicle.

This silica infused shampoo can be used by hand washing or with a Foam Cannon or Foam Gun. It creates a very high volume of suds and cleans and protects ceramic coated vehicles.


- Highly concentrated
- Infused with Si02 technology
- Rejuvenates your coated vehicle
- No harsh chemicals, very gentle
- High lubricity
- Can be used on any surface of the vehicle including PPF (Clear Bra)


- 2-5 oz. in your Foam Cannon or Foam Gun.
- 3 oz in your wash bucket for hand washes.

Jax PPF/Wrap Ceramic Coating is a flexible coating that chemically bonds to become the new permanent surface of your vehicle's paint protection film or vinyl wrap. Jax PPF/Wrap Coating will improve the wrap's repellency of water and dirt. The coating will also help in preventing staining as well as yellowing caused by UV rays and is compatible with all types of gloss, matte, and satin PPF and vinyl.

  • 9H Hardness
  • 2 yr. Protection
  • Extreme water beading
  • Makes your vinyl wrap or ppf substantially easier to clean and maintain.

Directions for use: 

  1. Ensure surface is clean and dry to the touch.
  2. Use Jax Prep Spray to remove any oils or residues. 
  3. Test Jax PPF/Wrap Ceramic Coating on a inconspicuous test for compatibility.
  4. Saturate a coating applicator with coating to apply to one panel at a time.
  5. Apply the coating to a 2x2 ft area of the vehicle using a cross-hatch pattern.
  6. Once the coating becomes tacky, remove with a microfiber coating leveling towel.
  7. Do not allow water to come in contact with the coated vehicle for 24 hrs.