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Jax Wax Finesse is designed to be used with a high speed rotary buffer, and can also be used by hand to remove slight imperfections and micro scratches. Jax Wax Finesse is designed to be used as a final finishing product to remove swirl marks after compounding or more aggressive polishing. Jax Wax Finesse will also remove water spots and slight oxidation.

  • Jax Wax Finesse is Body Shop Safe.
  • After buffing your finish, use a high quality wax to protect and preserve your finish!
  • Now you can get fast, commercial-quality results by using the same products the "pros" do - and by doing it yourself!

This is the same polish and compounds that we sell to our commercial customers consisting of hundreds of car dealers, professional detailers, auto body shops and classic car owners every day. Jax Wax polish and compounds are commercial products that are of higher quality than than most "retail" polish and compounds that sit on the "wax wall" vying for your hard earned dollars with slick labels and packaging.

  • A Light Lotion Finishing Compound to Achieve a Ultra Mirror-Like Wet Look Finish
  • Removes Swirl Marks, Light Imperfections and Minor Scratches
  • Final Finishing Polish to Remove Swirl Marks after Aggressive Polishing
  • Will Remove Water Spots and Slight Oxidation
  • For Use with High Speed Rotary Buffer or By Hand for Removing Micro Scratches
  • Contains No Wax or Silicone
  • Body Shop Safe
Directions for Buffer Use:
  1. Shake well before using and occasionally during application.
  2. Use a Wool Pad for Moderate Imperfections and Foam Pad for Light Imperfections.
  3. You may use a Wool Pad First and Switch to a Foam Pad as Surface Improves.
  4. Apply Evenly to a Cool Clean 2' X 2' area.
  5. Begin buffing Slowly using Light to Moderate Pressure.
  6. Decrease Pressure as Imperfections Disappear.
Directions for Hand Use:
  1. Apply a Small Amount to Area.
  2. Using a Microfiber Towel, Rub Effected Area Until Desired Results are achieved.

The reason that we are confident that you will love Jax Wax Finesse is simple - We ARE the Manufacturer. Even though more costly, we only use the highest quality ingredients and do not dilute our products to increase profits.