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This Bottle Organizer Keeps All Your Bottles Upright, Organized and Close at Hand on Your Professional Detailing Cart

  • Holds up to 8 Bottles
  • Keeps Bottles Upright Even over Rough Terrain
  • Adjustable, Easily Slides Back and Forth
  • Removable
  • Resistant to Detailing Chemicals
  • Easy Clean Up
  • Made in USA
This Bottle Organizer Keeps Your Bottles Upright, Close At Hand and Organized While Your Work!
Many people that order our Professional Detail Cart want an extra bottle organizer.

This bottle organizer hold up to eight bottles, and is made to slide back and forth on the detailing cart's trays. Being adjustable, it allows you to change your detailing cart's configuration on the fly, depending on your detail task.

Some tasks require more bottles, others less. Sometimes you might want to configure the detailing cart without any bottles. No problem, just slide the bottle organizer off the tray and you have a full tray available.

We think the best feature of this organizer is keeping bottles upright when moving the detailing cart about, even on rough terrain.

Keep your detailing organized and your bottles upright! Made in USA.