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The Jax Wax Shield Pro 9h Ceramic Coating kit is one of the most innovative products in the detailing industry.

Jax Wax Shield Pro 9h offers unmatched protection to your paint while creating depth and gloss like no other product you have ever seen. This ceramic coating bonds to the paint and creates a "Shield" that protects your vehicle for 4 years!

The most important step to Jax Wax Shield Ceramic Coating is all in the prep work. Whether your vehicle is basecoat/clearcoat, single stage or lacquer you will need to get the condition of the paint "like new" or the best it can possibly be.

  1. Properly wash your vehicle using Jax Wax Cannon Soap or Wash & Wax. Use a two bucket wash method, Jax Wax Foam Cannon or Jax Wax Pro Foam Gun to achieve excellent results.
  2. Clay all the painted surfaces if necessary making sure you remove all contaminants.
  3. Depending on the condition of your paint you will need to use a machine polisher to remove any swirls, imperfections, or scratches in the paint. The surface needs to be in the absolute best possible condition.
  4. After the paint has been clayed and polished the final step of the cleaning process is to apply Jax Wax Shield Prep.
  5. Spray Jax Wax Shield Prep directly on the paint and wipe immediately back off one panel at a time with the provided black edgeless microfiber towel. This will clean any wax residue, or polishing oils that may be left over from machine polishing. It will leave the paint clean and raw, making it much easier for Jax Wax Shield to bond to the paint.
  6. Pour Shield Ceramic Coating onto the supplied applicator and immediately put the cap back on the bottle. This will avoid air exposure to the coating that could lead to the coating hardening or curing inside the bottle.
  7. Apply Shield Ceramic Coating to a 2ft x 2ft area. Using light pressure wipe the coating on in even horizontal lines followed by even vertical lines creating a overlapping pattern to ensure complete coverage.
  8. After 3-5 minutes or when you see a rainbow type effect on the paint the coating is ready to be wiped off with the provided gray Double Plush Edgeless Microfiber Towel. The coating will be harder to wipe off than your typical wax or sealant. You will feel the microfiber "drag" a little. This is normal. Continue to wipe until all residue is removed.
  9. After you have completed the entire vehicle discard the applicator that you applied the coating with and Double Plush Edgeless microfiber that you removed the coating residue with. The reason for this is the coating will harden in the towel and applicator after it dries which could scratch the next vehicle you try to use it on.
  10. Let Jax Wax Shield Ceramic Coating cure for 24 hrs. Water cannot be introduced to the paint in this time to ensure that the coating has properly bonded to the paint.

Now that you have coated your car with Jax Wax Shield Ceramic Coating, enjoy the awesome gloss, protection, clarity, and hydrophobic properties that will make water dance off the paint and bead like crazy!